Privacy Policy

Dear Visitor,

If you are visiting the website of Estraco Limited Liability Company by doing that you are also supplying us personal information.

Your personal data (ie. any data that is associated with your identity) may come to be processed by us in two ways:

  • one: in connection with maintaining an Internet connection between us, the technical data related to the computer, web browser and web address you are using and the pages you visited, are automatically generated in our computer system,
  • two: you may also give us your name, contact details and other information, when you register, or, while using the website, you want to contact us personally.

Your personal data will be handled only to the extent necessary for using the services of the website, and in accordance with your directions, and at the same time in full compliance with the statutory provisions in force.

During your visit to our site Estraco Llc. is responsible for handling your data.

For the operation of the website and handling the data of the visitors we also make use of external organizations: site programming tasks are performed by dPortal Ltd. and our IT system (including the web server) is operated by dPortal Ltd.

Estraco Llc. will not forward your information coming to be processed by us in connection with your visit to our web site (except in cases specified by the Law).

Your information coming to be processed by us in connection with your visit to our web site may be accessed by our own staff, and system administrators of dPortal Ltd. solely to perform their duties, or to furnish services you used, and to the extent necessary to answer any questions or comments you may have.

For more information on data management, contact us by e-mail, phone or post.