The food product import and export have always played an important role in the Company activity. The aim was to import foodstuffs which ensure the widening of the range offered to the consumers on those fields where there are no Hungarian products available. The export activity was fed by the local production.

The high quality and the attractive price were ensured by the competition of the different import markets. Estraco continuously monitor the possible import and export markets and participate on the biggest international fairs organised in Foodstuffs (e.g. SIAL- Paris, ANUGA - Cologne).

Over the years Estraco imported from such markets like China, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria but occasionally lots were imported from USA, Guyana, Suriname, Aruba and Egypt too.

As of the EU accession the imports are executed mainly from the EU member countries but Estraco network is still vivid in the countries from where the Company previously imported foodstuffs.