Estraco Llc. was founded in 1991 by 4 individuals mainly for import and distribution of foodstuff. In the early 90’s the Company two major activities, the import incl. distribution and the export, gave 100% of the T/O. The growing experience and number of partners brought the demand of diversification of Estraco core activity. As of 2005 the Company started its management consultancy activity focusing on business development, sales and marketing.

Estraco vision

Estraco target is to meet and satisfy their consumers demand on a high level via the Estraco distributed products. Estraco continuously seeks to offer quality product to their partners, with excellent service level and at competitive price. Therefore Estraco builds direct contacts with their partners and maintains flat own organisation.

Product portfolio

In the Company portfolio there are canned vegetables and fruits, compotes, commodities and household chemical goods. The different type of rice import and distribution has always played an important role in the Company activity. The high quality and the attractive price were ensured by the competition of the different import markets. Over the years Estraco imported rice from all the big rice producer markets like China, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Italy, but occasionally lots were imported from USA, Guyana, Suriname, Egypt too. As of the EU accession the imports are executed mainly from the EU member countries and the portfolio widened with more FMCG products.

Our colleagues

Our colleagues are highly qualified and experienced professionals. Our colleagues worked over the years in sales, export, import, marketing and logistic positions in Hungary and abroad, in Hungarian owned and Multinational companies before joining to Estraco. Our colleagues obviously speaks foreign languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish) which are essential for their jobs.

Our partners

According the activity Estraco is in direct or indirect contact with almost all Hungarian and Multinational owned chains (hyper, retail, C+C discounter) which are present in Hungary. Besides, there are strong co-operations with wholesalers and production companies as well. Estraco partners in abroad are located mainly in the EU member states, but the role of some non EU member countries are increasing in connection with the export activity.

Quality of our services

Estraco is constantly working on to improve the level of his service and proud to mention that the scorecard we received from our customers are almost always 100%.